KDiehl Danceworks

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Under the artistic direction of Kathy Diehl, KDiehl Danceworks is a project based dance collective based in Rochester, New York. As a performing artist and choreographer, Diehl is interested in blending athleticism and sensuality, expressivity with post-modernism, and fluidity intertwined with linear clarity. She embraces the unique voices of her dancers during the creative process and also invites any opportunity to collaborate with musicians, composers, sound designers, visual artists, etc. Diehl co-founded Rochester Dance Project in 2012 with her colleague Leanne Rinelli as a means of fostering connection among local and regional dance artists and broadening the contemporary dance audience in the area through collaborative performance events, community classes, and social media. As an independent artist, she is looking forward to increased opportunities to present and set work at the national/international level, essentially extending her reach and expanding her body of work.