KDiehl Danceworks

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Originally based in Rochester, NY, KDiehl Danceworks (also currently known as Idaho Danceworks) was originally developed in 2012 as a project based dance collective intended to create opportunities for dance artists and choreographers to perform and share work.  In its current form, this collective serves to increase visibility for contemporary dance in the local and regional community through a variety of performances and collaborative projects and to offer Idaho State University dance students a platform for developing professional skills. As the artistic director, I am primarily drawn to creating collaborative projects, not only with fellow dance artists, but with a variety of art forms and disciplines. I truly enjoy the possibilities that emerge within a collaborative creative process and am eager to foster connections within the academic, local and regional community.  My work is an eclectic blend of stylistic ideas as I juxtapose athleticism with sensuality, examine questions about the virtuosity of subtlety and nuance, and intertwine fluidity with linear clarity. The resulting aesthetic is reflective of a foundation in classicism intersecting with my ever-evolving interests in post(post)-modernism.